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Sodexo Head Office Level 8&9 607 St Kilda Rd

We completed the original electrical fitout (Light, Power and Data) for Sodexo’s Melbourne office in late 2010. This included 100+ workstations, 6 Meeting Rooms, 5 Management offices, Boardroom and a full Kitchen and Breakout meals area on the 9th floor.
The 250+ CAT6 data points were wired back to 2 full height cabinets in the Comms rooms on the 8th floor.
We had continued to work for them after construction was completed and in June 2012 we received a call when the Comms room was flooded. Cleaning contractors were cleaning the balcony on the 9th floor and the excess water flooded straight into the ceiling space of the Comms room flooding their Servers and network equipment.
Everything had to be replaced and the cabinets needed to be dismantled and removed so the carpet could be professionally dried. The only way this could be done was to suspend the patch panels from the ceiling grid so the cleaners could get into the room. While arrangements were made for some staff to work from home we still had to keep the 24/7 call centre on the 9th floor operational. This meant that we had to keep the incoming phone lines, internet and connection to their servers operational during the fix up.
When the room was cleaned and dried we commenced the task of disconnecting all 250+ data cables from the water damaged patch panels and getting them back into the cabinet and then fitting off the cable to new patch panels. Once that was completed the network switches and servers were reinstalled into the cabinets and they were operational again.
By working out of normal hours during the final change over and liaising with the call centre management to minimise disruption we managed to get the work completed within 3 days with virtually no disruption to their business operation.